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The swedishgerman pianist Ann-Helena Schlüter, born in Nuremberg, Germany, grew up in a musician's family. Her parents, sisters, brothers and all together ten relatives are musicians. Piano lessons began when she was four years old. She was taught by her swedish mother, Ann-Margret Schlüter, who was teaching at the University of Würzburg. With six years old she was taught by her father, pianist Prof. Karl Heinz Schlüter, who was teaching at the University of Music in Nuremberg and Osnabrück, until she was seventeen. When she was eight years old she wrote her first poems.

While in Secondary School and Music High School she became student of Prof. Arne Torger at the University of Music in Würzburg. She studied with Prof. Nina Tichman at the University of Music Cologne, then Prof. Anatol Ugorsky at the University of Music in Detmold and with Prof. Bernd Glemser at the University of Music in Würzburg.

She accomplished several degrees in Cologne, Würzburg and later in the USA in Piano Solo and in Music Pedagogy (Diplom Musikpädagogik und Künstlerisches Diplom und Meisterklasse). She earned her Master of Music at the Arizona State University School of Music, Tempe, Arizona, USA, studying piano with Prof. Walter Cosand and chamber music and collaborative piano with Prof. Eckart Sellheim for 2 years with full scholarship. She became a teaching assistant at the Arizona State University. Back in Germany she started teaching at the University in Würzburg and the University of Music in Würzburg. 2011 Magister Artium in musicology and music analysis at the University in Würzburg with Prof. Konrad, Prof. Brusniak in a double major in 3 semester, her thesis Bach Goldberg Variations. Since 2011 she is a doctorate student for her PHD in musicology at the University Leipzig/Bach-Archiv Leipzig under Prof. Wollny/Prof. Loos.

She played in many masterclasses, festivals and concerts, in Italy, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden with Prof. Weißenberg, Berman, Gililov, Margulis, Kämmerling. She received a DAAD scholarship for master classes in foreign countries, scholarships from the GVL and the Vera-Ritter-Scholarship. She won first prize in many piano competitions in Germany and abroad: Steinway Piano Competition Hamburg, Nürnberg Piano Competition, Robert Schumann Piano Competition Zwickau, Prizewinner Bundes Competition Osnabrück, International Concerto Competiton MasterWorks Festival London. Tschaikowsky Piano Concerto with Jenaer Philharmoniker, Schumann Piano Concerto with Masterworks Festival Orchestra in London. She won several writing- competitions, published her lyrics, poems and songs and founded several music duos and ensembles. She is a member of VS, AVF, GEMA, GVL, VG Wort, DTKV, LOI, Crescendo, Rad. She played concerts in Europe, Africa, Israel, USA. Her students are as well prizewinners in piano solo and four hands. She is teaching on music Festivals in Hungary, Germany and Switzerland and leads Improvisations-Seminars all over. She speaks Swedish and English. 2012-2010 her 5 solo CDs released by cap-music, one with Bach Goldberg Variations and Chopin Ballads: Piano Lyrik, and four with her own songs, piano music and lyrics: Every Moment, Heavenly Songs, Com'Ann. She played concerts and taught in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America, USA.


• April 2012 Piano CD Himlasång. Heavenly Songs. Swedish Piano Songs
• May 2012 CD Gott ist gegenwärtig ("God is always present") — Lyrics of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Piano Music: Michael Schlierf, Ann-Helena Schlüter
• May, June 2012 Concerts and exhibitions in Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany
• July — September 2012 Music DTS Perth,YWAM West Australia, concerts
• October 2012: concerts in London, Lübeck, Vorarlberg, Switzerland, Kathmandu and Chitwan, Nepal (over Singapur, Mumbai and Delhi)
• December 2012 concerts in Tasmania, Australia: St George's Anglican Church Hobart, 30 Cromwell St, Battery Point. First christmas in summer
Bach von Ann-Helena Schlüter

• Winter 2012 Release CD Com'Ann — Ann-Helena Band


• February 2011 Release of the CD „Worte des Meisters (Words of the master)“
• March 2011 Herzbetonung
• May 2011 Concerts in Scotland
• May 2011 Magister Musicology and Musicpedagogy at the University Würzburg
• June 2011 1. Prize Int. Visual Arts Competition Grafimuse, Foundation Brussels
• June 2011 Exhibition with the artwork Worldpain, Arte Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria
• June 2011 Release of the Magisterpaper (Bach Goldberg Variations)
• June 2011 Extraordinary Member of the GEMA Germany as Composer and Poet
• June 2011 Ann-Helena Band
• July 2011 Concerts in Moskau, Russia
• August 2011 Release of Poetry (PianoLyrik), Lyrikverlag Aachen
• August 2011 Wagner Scholarship, Bayreuther Festspiele 2011, Concert


• February 2010 Release of the CD „PianoLyrik“
• March 2010 Release of the CD „Jeden Augenblick (Every Moment)“
• Since March 2010 CD-Release-Concerts
• June 2010 Concerts in Calvi, Corsica
• July 2010 Concerts in Manila, Philippines
• August 2010 Piano Competitions in Italy
• Mainfranken Theatre Choir, Kammerchoir of the University Würzburg
• Interviews in Radio/TV

  • 1. Prize Steinway Piano Competition Hamburg, Piano Duo

  • 1. Prize Nürnberger Piano Duo Competition

  • Diploma International Competition for young pianists, Ettlingen

  • 2. Prize Robert Schumann Competition Zwickau, Piano solo

  • 1. Prize Schumann Pianoconcerto-Competition London, Masterworks Festival

  • 1. Prize Authorcompetition Nürnberg for young authors, Prizewinner Hattinger Literature Festival, Prizewinner International Authorcompetition Regensburg for young authors

  • Prizewinner Bundeswettbewerb (Bundescompetition) Jugend musiziert Osnabrück in Piano Duo, Accompaniment Duo Violin and Piano with sisters Magdalena and Johanna

  • Prize of the german bank Sparkasse, Bundeswettbewerbs Jugend musiziert

  • Youngest member of this time in Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller (German Author Association)

  • Successful participance ARD Competition Munich, Schlüter Duo

  • 1st Prize International Visual Arts Competition, Piotr Lachert Foundation Brussels 2011, Grafimuse

  • DAAD- Scholarship for masterclasses Piano in foreign countries, for example Poland, Switzerland, Prof. Weissenberg. Prof. Paul Gulda

  • GVL- Scholarship for masterclasses in Europa and USA, for example Italy, Rochester, Vienna, Prof. Perticaroli, Prof. Gililov, Prof. Berman

  • Scholarship Vera- Ritter- Foundation

  • Scholarship Arizona State University School of Music Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Prof. Eckart Sellheim, Prof. Walter Cosand

  • Scholarship Masterworks Festival USA in London, Rochester, and Indiana, USA

  • Extraordinary member of GEMA Germany as Composer and Poet

  • Member of the artistic movements Das Rad and Crescendo

  • Releases of poetry, classical music and songs, Readings, Lections, Concerts all over, Literature and Music on CDs

  • Scholarship Wagner Festispiele Bayreuth, Concert

  • Prizewinner StopArmut Winterthur, Switzerland

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